Trailer Storage and Rental
for the Burner Community in
Empire & Pyramid Lake, NV

Why use Moopless Services Storage?

Own or rent a semi-trailer stored conveniently in Empire, NV, near Black Rock City. Semi-trailers containing your camp's infrastructure can be easily delivered directly to your placed Burning Man camp location.

Our service eliminates the yearly need for camps to rent storage units hundreds of miles away, having to rent U-Haul-type trucks, and driving round trip to the Playa (sometimes taking multiple trips and multiple load-ins/outs). Instead, semi-trailers stored near the Playa can be delivered to your camp on-Playa by BMORG-approved Outside Service Providers (OSS).

We currently have a limited number of semi-trailer storage units available for rent at our facility in Empire, Nevada.

All the Convenience You Need

Assistance with trailer logistics/OSS transport questions
Managed by Veteran Burners
Storage near the Playa
24-hour Access
Online Bill Pay